The reform of nursing bursaries: does it add up?

The 2015 Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) saw a fundamental change to health higher education funding. It was announced that the NHS nursing bursaries were going to be replaced with the normal student loan system, effective from the 1st August 2017. Last week London Economics published an independent analysis of the impact of the removal of NHS bursaries on prospective students. This in-depth report provides a strong rebuke to the Government’s case for replacing nursing bursaries with the student loan system. This blog will attempt to review both sides of the debate.

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Guest Blog: Luis Recuenco – The Future of Retirement: Couples’ retirement decisions, joint retirement, and retirement age

This blog is one in a series of blogs on the Future of Ageing, published in the lead up to the ILC-UK Future of Ageing conference on the 24th November. To register to attend this conference, click here.

During the greater part of the 20th century there was only one deciding factor for couples facing retirement: the husband’s circumstances. The spectacular increase of women participating in the labour market within the last decades implies that many more couples, with long work histories, from which both are entitled to pensions, are reaching retirement age.

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