Not-so-Young Offenders: Older people and the criminal justice system – Part One: Demographic change behind bars

It is well-established that the UK’s prison population is ageing, but there is more to be said about changing demographic trends across the whole length of the criminal justice system, from charge through to rehabilitation. In this blog mini-series, Sally Bowell explores age-related trends in offending and discusses their implications.

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The NHS funding deal risks just being absorbed into firefighting social care

Ahead of the NHS turning 70 later this year, this week Theresa May announced a big sum cash injection into NHS England to the tune of £20.5bn by 2030. Although it falls slightly short of the 4% increase asked for by NHS England Chief Simon Stevens (the new deal works out as 3.4%), the Government hopes that the extra funding will support a long-term plan for financial sustainability in the NHS. The funding plan in isolation however risks being nothing more than plastering over the cracks without policy interventions to support other areas of health.

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Asthma among older women in Australia

We don’t usually think of asthma as a condition that affects older people. However asthma can develop at any time across the life course, and prevalence increases with age. Asthma can also be difficult to differentiate from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and these two conditions can be comorbid. Data from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health (also known as Women’s Health Australia) show how rates of asthma are increasing with age, and across the generations. Continue reading

Guest blog: Isabella Moore – “Well, unfortunately there may be a segment of the population who don’t think a woman should be doing ‘that kind of thing’.”

As an entrepreneur who, for the second time, set up in in later life, I became interested in the specific challenges older women entrepreneurs face. With encouragement and some trepidation, I enrolled at Aston Business School to undertake doctoral research leading to a DBA (Doctor of Business Research). Continue reading

Guest blog: Nathan Long, Hargreaves Lansdown – High Risk Retirees? All Is Not As It Seems

Are we really a nation of risk-taking retirees? Are we all destined to be high-octane octogenarians, jumping out of planes, shark diving, and playing fast and loose with our retirement income? A cursory glance at the figures would seem to suggest so: before pension freedoms were announced in 2014, around 90% of people used to buy an annuity to provide for retirement, exchanging the money built up in their pension for a guaranteed income for life. Now, only 12% of retirees do so. Continue reading