Guest blog: Isabella Moore – “Well, unfortunately there may be a segment of the population who don’t think a woman should be doing ‘that kind of thing’.”

As an entrepreneur who, for the second time, set up in in later life, I became interested in the specific challenges older women entrepreneurs face. With encouragement and some trepidation, I enrolled at Aston Business School to undertake doctoral research leading to a DBA (Doctor of Business Research). Continue reading

Guest blog: Nathan Long, Hargreaves Lansdown – High Risk Retirees? All Is Not As It Seems

Are we really a nation of risk-taking retirees? Are we all destined to be high-octane octogenarians, jumping out of planes, shark diving, and playing fast and loose with our retirement income? A cursory glance at the figures would seem to suggest so: before pension freedoms were announced in 2014, around 90% of people used to buy an annuity to provide for retirement, exchanging the money built up in their pension for a guaranteed income for life. Now, only 12% of retirees do so. Continue reading

The Persistence of Poverty across Europe

More than 120 million Europeans, the inhabitants of one of the wealthiest regions of the planet, still live in poverty.

In 2010, the European strategy for growth, Europe 2020, made reducing poverty and social exclusion one of its main goals.[1] And yet, despite some recent progress, 1 in 4 people living in the EU28 still struggle to pay their rent, mortgage or utility bills; fail to keep their home adequately warm; cannot cope with unexpected expenses; do not manage to eat meat or proteins regularly; cannot afford to buy a TV, a washing machine, a car, or a telephone. Continue reading