Guest blog: Dr Stuart Fox, Quantitative Research Associate, Wales Institute of Social & Economic Research, Data & Methods – Young and Old in the EU Referendum

The remarkable result of last week’s EU referendum was ultimately based on a relatively close result, with 52% of voters backing Leave and 48% backing Remain. As has become all too clear since, however, this fairly small difference in vote share masks much bigger political and social divides. Continue reading

Guest blog: Dr Stuart Fox and Dr Sioned Pearce, WISERD – Are older voters swinging behind Remain?

Are older voters swinging behind Remain? It depends how you ask them…

On 23rd May the Telegraph published the results of an ORB poll which suggested that the traditional advantage of the Leave campaign among older voters was being eroded. The poll showed that 51% of over-65s were planning to vote Remain in the EU referendum, compared with 44% planning to vote Leave.
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