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On Monday, 18th July we launched ‘The state of the nation’s housing: An ILC-UK Factpack’, supported by FirstPort.

Instead of simply presenting the latest information about ageing in UK society, this year we used our factpack launch to test our guests’ knowledge on a range of issues related to older people and experiences in later life in our first Ageing Society Pub Quiz.

Attendees competed across 13 teams and answered questions from 7 rounds, covering the themes of:

  • Age – It’s just a number
  • The state of the nation’s housing: An ILC-UK Factpack
  •  How long will I live?
  • ILC-UK, ‘have you been paying attention?’
  • How long will I live and how will I die?
  • Music, sports and entertainment
  • Picture round: Retirement housing, hotel, student accommodation or Downton Abbey?

Can you score higher than the teams at the launch? We’ll be publishing the answer on our blog on Thursday, 18th August. Let us know your final score, and no cheating!

Round 1
Age – It’s just a number

1. ILC-UK Director David Sinclair thinks he did this at the age of 19. ILC-UK Office and Events Manager Lyndsey Mitchell did this at the age of 31. 1,268 people in Great Britain aged over the age of 61 did it for the first time this year? What did they do?
(1 point)

2. Why was the age of Christopher Craig and Derek Bentley important?
(1 point)

3. In May 2016, what did Dr Henry Heimlich use for the first time at the age of 96?
(1 point)

4. What was Harrison Ford doing to supplement his acting income at the age of 30?
(1 point)

5. Why did 2 polish pensioners in their late 70s hit the international news after a night out in London in May 2016?
(1 point)

6. Who became an app developer at the age of 86, producing an app based on one of Winston Churchill’s favourite games?
(1 point)

7. I was born in London. I’ve won 5 Tony Awards and 6 Golden Globes. I didn’t win my first Olivier Award until I reached the age of 89. In the 1960s, the New York Times referred to me as the “first lady of musical theatre”. I’m due to return to Broadway in the 2017–18 season to perform in a revival of Enid Bagnold’s 1955 play The Chalk Garden. Who am I?
(1 point)

8. Replying to a letter to someone born on the same day as himself, who recently wrote ‘The older I get the less I appreciate birthdays’?
(1 point)

Round 2
The state of the nation’s housing: An ILC-UK Factpack

1. What did a record 6.7 million young people do with their parents in 2014? This fell slightly to 6.6 million in 2015.
(1 point)

2. Which European Country had the highest housing overcrowding rate in 2014?
(1 point)

3. According to the latest (2014) annual data, how many new homes were built in 2014?

a)    100,000
b)    125,000
c)    145,000
d)    195,000
(1 point)

4. Are Older homeowners (aged 50+) more or less likely to be satisfied in their housing than younger homeowners (aged 16-49)?
(1 point)

5. Across England, there are nearly 16 million households which are underoccupied. Which age grouping (based on head of household) underoccupies the most properties?

a)    16-34 year olds
b)    35 to 49 year olds
c)    50-64 year olds
d)    65-79 year olds
e)    80 plus
(1 point)

6. Over the last two years, 4% of people over the age of 50 moved home.  What was the main reason they gave for their move? Was it:

  • Financial reasons;
  • A more suitable home;
  • Health reasons;
  • To be closer to friends and family; or
  • Spit from their partner?

(1 point)

7. Can you name any of the three most common problems over 50s report to have with their housing?
(1 point)

8. Over the past decade, which has grown quicker relative to existing housing stock?

a)    Specialist retirement housing
b)    General housing
(1 point)

Hint: you can find the full report at 

Round 3
How long will I live?

 1. According to Club Vita data from ILC-UK Partner, Hymans Robertson, by how long do we underestimate our life expectancy?

  • 2 years
  • 3 to 5 years
  • 4 to 6 years
  • 5 to 8 years

(1 point)

2. Who is reported to be the oldest man in the bible?
(1 point)

3. According to the Daily Telegraph, what team within the DWP saw their staff numbers increase from one to seven in 2014 as a result of our ageing society?
(1 point)

4. Who sent the first 100th birthday telegram in 1917?
(1 point)

5. According to the ONS, what was the most common age for a woman to die in 2014?
(1 point)

6. “When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies”

For one point each, who wrote this and in what book?
(2 part question, for 2 points)

7. “Children have a lesson adults should learn, to not be ashamed of failing, but to get up and try again. Most of us adults are so afraid, so cautious, so ‘safe,’ and therefore so shrinking and rigid and afraid that it is why so many humans fail. Most middle-aged adults have resigned themselves to failure.”

For one point each, who wrote this and in what book?
(2 part question, for 2 points)

8. “Somebody needs to explain to me why it is that the one thing your body can suddenly do well when you get old is grow hair in your nose and ears… The other thing you can do incredibly well when you are old is grow toenails…. The worst part about ageing is the realisation that all your future is downhill. Bad as I am today, I am pretty much tip-top compared with what I am going to be next week or the week after. I recently realised with dismay that I am even too old now for early onset dementia. Any dementia I get will be right on time.”

For one point each, who wrote this and in what book?
(2 part question, for 2 points)

Round 4
ILC-UK, ‘have you been paying attention?’

1. Dr Robert Butler, founder of ILC-USA and of the ILC Global Alliance is famed with coining which age related term?
(1 point)

2. Which authors wrote a report for ILC-UK which found that “the gap in life expectancy between rich and poor is increasing for the first time since the 1870s”?
(1 point)

3. Research presented by ILC-UK at our Retirement Income Summit found a positive correlation between strong numeracy in old age and what activity?
(1 point)

4. The ILC-UK Missing Million report was launched by HRH Prince Charles in 2014. What topic was the report focused on?
(1 point)

5. ILC-UK is working as a partner to the National Lottery funded “Drink Wise, Age Well Programme”. Which charity, which helps people change their behaviour to become the very best that they can be, is ILC-UK working with on this initiative?
(1 point)

6. For one point each, according to ILC-UK’s “understanding retirement journeys” research, supported by Prudential, the two most common daily activities for those aged 90+ are what?
(1 point)

7. Are the four current members of the Rolling Stones older or younger than the collective age of all ILC-UK staff present at the launch event (9 members of staff), excluding Baroness Greengross and our new Finance Manager, Michael De Val?
(1 point)

8. What is the total number of candles Baroness Sally Greengross has blown out on her birthday cakes since she was born?
(1 point)

Round 5
How will I live and how will I die?

1. What community resource used by all ages is no longer provided by local authorities in Newcastle, Merthyr Tydfil in south Wales and Wandsworth in London?
(1 point)

2. Prior to the death of Hanako at 69 this May, why did 470,000 “Freedom Fighters” sign a petition urging her release?
(1 point)

3. Lord Filkin Chaired the Public Service and Demographic Change Committee in 2013. What was the title of the report which the committee published?
(1 point)

4. According to a report in the Lancet in June 2015, what proportion of the world’s population has health problems?

  • 45%
  • 65%
  • 85%, or
  • 95%

(1 point)

5. In June 2016, ex MP, Ron Atkins, achieved what only 9 other retired UK MPs had previously managed. What was this?
(1 point)

6. Last year in Japan, what did over 65s do 23,000 times and young people aged between 14 and 19 do 20,000 times?
(1 point)

7. According to a Guardian report in June this year, what happened to 12,208 people with dementia in Japan in 2015?
(1 point)

8. What did Louis Pasteur achieve at the age of 62 in 1885?
(1 point)

Round 6
Music, sports and entertainment

1. Which artist is the oldest artist to have a UK number one? And for an additional point, what was the title of the song?
(2 points)

2. Who achieved his first number one album on the Billboard 200 at the age of 85? And for an additional point, what was the name of the album?
(2 points)

3. Which 42-year-old, was selected last week by Team GB to be the oldest British woman to run in an Olympic Games?
(1 point)

4. Completing the course in just over 55 seconds, 95-year-old Charles Eugster set a new record for what indoor British Masters event in London in 2015?
(1 point)

5. Recent international research of 2000 screenplays found that female actors aged over 65 spoke what % of the dialogue in films.

  • 20%
  • 10%
  • 5%, or
  • 3%

(1 point)

6. What was Ivy Barr’s sporting achievement in April 2016?
(1 point)

Round 7
Picture Round: Retirement housing, hotel, student accommodation or Downton Abbey?

Is the property in the photo retirement housing, a hotel, student accommodation or Downton Abbey?

1. 1


2. Is the tent retirement housing, a hotel, student accommodation or Downton Abbey?2


3. 3

4. 4


5. 5

6. 6

7. 7

8. 8

We’ll be posting the answer on our blog on Thursday, 18th August. Share your score with us at, and be honest!

Good luck!

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