Friday Five – Attitudes to immunisation

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This week’s #fridayfive focuses on public attitudes to immunisation

  • The most common reason given by the general population of seeking vaccination is advice from the healthcare community/ national guidelines
  • However, the most common reason cited for avoiding vaccination is ‘fear of adverse side effects and vaccine safety’
  • Worryingly, this same was the most common cited by health professionals for not recommending immunisation to their patients[1]
  • This is despite vaccination preventing up to 3 million deaths worldwide each year
  • Modelling by RAND Europe and KPMG estimates that 10,000,000 could die of antibiotic resistance a year by 2050. Vaccination was cited by the ‘O Neill Review on Antimicrobial Resistance as an essential means of combating this threat.


For more information on the benefits of immunisation throughout the life course, visit

[1] O. Yaqub, S. Castle-Clarke, N. Sevdalis & J. Chataway, ‘Attitudes to vaccination: A critical review’, Social Science & Medicine, Vol. 112, p1-11.

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