Friday Five – The state of the nation’s housing

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This week’s #fridayfive is on the state of housing in the UK.

  • Since 2005 there has been a significant increase in the number of 45-64 year olds living alone (500,000) as well as the number of 65-74 year olds living alone (300,000).
  • Over 16 million people – mainly owner occupied, middle aged and older households – live in under-occupied housing. 6 million live in houses with 2 or more excess bedrooms.
  • Less than half of those over 50s with a limitation in an Activity of Daily Living (ADL) live in homes with any health-related adaptations.
  • By 2030, the retirement housing gap in the UK could reach 160,000 if current trends continue. By 2050, the gap could grow to 376,000.
  • Among those over 50 who reported having problems with their homes, the most common noise (around 25%) and being too cold in the winter (around 20%).


These statistics are derived from ILC-UK’s 2016 Factpack, ‘The state of the nation’s housing’, supported by FirstPort.

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