Friday Five – Reform of nursing bursaries

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This week’s #fridayfive presents five key facts about the Government’s reforms to nursing bursaries.

  • Replacing bursaries with normal student loans will leave students with an additional £15,194 of debt over a three year degree. Overall, students could leave the course with £49,000 worth of debts.
  • London Economics argue that education has a low elasticity of demand, estimated to be 0.09%. Using this calculation, a 71% price increase could result in a 6.2% reduction in demand for nursing degrees.
  • The average age of a nursing graduate is 31.
  • 50% of nursing degrees are spent in clinical placements performing non-salaried work.
  • As student loans are written off 30 years after graduates become eligible to repay them, around 25% of the nominal loan for nursing degrees is currently written off. London Economics calculates that this write-off rate will rise to 68-86% as debts increase.


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