ILC-UK in the news – April and May 2016

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In April ILC-UK published ‘Dementia and Comorbidities: Ensuring Parity of Care’, a major new report demonstrating the financial and social impact of failing to prevent, diagnose and treat comorbidities in people with dementia. The report was featured in The Times, covered by a variety of industry publications including HomeCare, Care Industry News and Medical News Today, and it was cited by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia at an event in the House of Commons held in April.

‘An Investigation into Inequalities in Adult Lifespan’, a report by Cass Business School, City University London and the ILC-UK was reported on for the BBC Breakfast Show, on BBC News and by BBC Radio Five. Report Co-author Professor Les Mayhew was interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s Flagship Today Programme, and the report was covered by The Daily Mail; The Express; The Mirror; The Sun; The Metro and The New Scientist. The report also garnered just under 2 million unique Twitter impressions.

During this period ILC-UK Director David Sinclair also commented on pensions auto-enrolment and the UK’s record-high population for The Financial Times, and on NHS spending for The Daily Mail.

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