Friday Five – On Dementia and Comorbidity

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Five key points from our new report ‘Dementia and Comorbidities: Ensuring Parity of Care’.

  • A failure to prevent, diagnose, and treat depression, diabetes and urinary tract infections in people with dementia could be costing the UK’s health and social care system up to nearly £1 billion per year
  • 42% of people over 70 making an unplanned admission to an acute hospital have dementia.
  • Hospital in-patients with dementia are over three times more likely to die during their first admission to hospital for an acute medical condition than those without dementia.
  • Four of the five most common comorbidities people with dementia are admitted to hospital for in the UK are preventable conditions – a fall, broken/fractured hip or hip replacement, urine infection and chest infection.
  • In England, people with dementia are substantially less likely to receive age-related treatment to stop loss of vision


For more, take a look at our new report ‘Dementia and Comorbidities: Ensuring Parity of Care’.

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