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As an international organisation, ILC-UK works with our 16 partners across the world to engage with, and influence, policy and practice globally. Where appropriate our research work takes a global perspective and we both organise and participate in international fora.

Research and policy work with a European or international perspective

Over recent years, we have undertaken research projects with a specific focus on European or international issues.

Creating a Sustainable 21st Century Healthcare System, the health stream of SOS 2020, urged health leaders to work to ensure that the £22bn savings being asked of the NHS act to stimulate not prevent innovation.

Rising from the ashes:the role of older workers in driving Eurozone recovery.The report explored howharnessing the power of older workers was a vital component of any long-term strategy to rejuvenate economic growth across the Europe.

 Boosting Retirement Saving Across Europe,highlighted recent pension reforms across Europe.

Working Longer: An EU Perspectiveconsidered how different EU governments were responding to the challenge of extending working lives.

The burden of constipation in our ageing population looked across Europe to highlight the need to act.

Europe’s Ageing Demography was ILC-UK’s first EU factpack.

ILC-UK participated as a member of the SAATI Alliance between 2011 and 2014. We undertook research for the Alliance which set out European polices on adult immunisation. We undertook report which contributed to the production of Adult vaccination – a key component of healthy ageing

We will soon be launching an European Adult Immunisation Hub, supported by Pfizer, which will provide a platform for materials to discuss the role of adult immunisation in supporting healthy ageing. We will be collating interviews and blogs as well as promoting evidence and news on adult immunisation.

Participation in international events and policy fora

In 2014, ILC-UK organised a series of events on global ageing when we hosted the ILC Global Alliance in London:


We continue to be a leading member of the ILC Global Alliance and our Chief Executive, Baroness Greengross is the Co-President. In October 2015, Rhiannon Lavin and Baroness Greengross attended and presented at the ILC Global Alliance meeting in Brazil.

During the 2014 International Federation of Ageing event in India, we presented our research on older consumers and organised a symposium for the ILC Global Alliance.

We have a longstanding relationship with HelpAge International and Age International and have organised a number of events jointly. In March 2014 we organised an event in London with Age International on Understanding Wellbeing in Old Age across the World.

ILC-UK have organised three events over recent years hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee. The events have brought together European parliamentarians and officials alongside other key stakeholders.

Brian Beach has, in recent months, been working on an “EU Best Practice laboratory” on Senior Entrepreneurship, participating in events in London and Brussels.

Through our ongoing work with the Age Platform we have contributed to a wide range of EU projects on issues as diverse as technology, transport, and communities. Over recent years we have also spoken at a number of European Union and Age Platform events across Europe including

  • An event on web accessibility and older people in Brussels and another event on digital exclusion in Spain
  • An event on the rights of older people in Brussels
  • An event on older consumers as part of the European Commission’s work on the Silver Economy in Brussels


ILC-UK run the secretariat of the European Nutrition for Health Alliance.

Over recent years we have also spoken in international medical conferences including the European Geriatric Conference in Venice (on constipation) and ECCMID in Barcelona (on adult immunisation). We have also spoken about adult immunisation at the influential European Health Forum Gastein held in Austria and at an event in Dublin.

Alongside other ILC Global Alliance colleagues, Baroness Greengross was involved in a session at the “Symposium of Ageing in Emerging Markets” organised by Oxford University earlier this year.

In September 2015, David Sinclair presented to central bankers and Treasury officials from across the world at high level OECD conference on financial education.

In 2014 and 2015 ILC-UK participated with other senior global stakeholders in the World Innovation Summit for Health, hosted in Doha by the Qatar Foundation.

Over recent years we have also contributed in the World Economic Forum’s work on pensions and social protection

In October 2015 Baroness Greengross will be presenting a keynote address to the Keele World Affairs Lecture Series on “International Longevity in the 21st Century” where she will be tackling the controversial issue of human rights for all, not a separate human rights for older people.

Also, in October 2016, ILC-UK will be speaking to an industry audience in Amsterdam on healthy ageing. We will also be participating in the Salzberg Global event on Ageing.

In June 2016, Baroness Greengross has been invited to speak at the inaugural Horasis Global Meeting, co-hosted by the UK government and part of the International Festival for Business. She will be alongside heads of government and Nobel Laureates including David Cameron, Prime Minister, United Kingdom; Valdis Dombrovskis, Vice-President and Commissioner, European Commission; and Edmund S. Phelps, Nobel Laureate in Economics, USA.

Why do we do it and where next?

Most of our work is focussed on the UK but we have much to contribute to global debates on ageing and a lot to learn. Our international work helps strengthen our role within the ILC Global Alliance and as a global thought leader. We seek to influence global decision makers and urge them to respond to the challenges of demographic change.

Over the next few years we want to further develop our global networks and links. We hope to play an active part in developing a stronger evidence based conversation on ageing across Europe by working with ILC’s across the continent.

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  1. The work that you and your colleagues are doing is really useful and worthwhile and will hopefully influence the decision makers. I am particularly interested in helping all those with hearing loss, not just the ageing population, to achieve a better quality of life and to achieve their potential and ability to contribute to society. I look forward to the conference in November re ageing.

    Many thanks to you all

    Gloria McGregor

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