ILC-UK in the news: August and September

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August and September has seen the publication of 4 reports from ILC-UK; Village Life, Creating a Sustainable 21st Century Healthcare System, Rethinking Cancer and The Myth of the Baby Boomer.

Village Life, a report surveying residents on retirement village on quality of life and comparing the results with a group living in the community was covered in The Times, The Telegraph, and online in The Economic Voice, Homecare and Local Gov. The Alzheimer’s Society also issued a comment on ILC-UK’s call for extra care housing. The CEO of Audley, who supported the report, was also interviewed on Share Radio, and the report reached a potential twitter audience of 225,000.

Rethinking Cancer, which quantified the cost of cancer to the UK economy, appeared in the print version of The Metro and The Independent. Regionally, the story was covered by The Scotsman and The Yorkshire Post, as well as online, including BT, Pharma Times, Business Reporterand Pharmaceutical Field. In the blogosphere, it was mentioned in blog posts by Macmillan Cancer Supportand The Kings Fund, and on Twitter a potential audience of 61,500 was reached.

The Myth of the Baby Boomer, released by the Ready for Ageing Alliance of which ILC-UK is a member, received significant press coverage and sparked debate in the column sections of many national newspapers. The Telegraph particularly enjoyed the report, with four articles over the week after the report. You can read them here, here, here and here. The Guardian also featured two articles on the Baby Boomers report, and nationally the report was also covered by The Independent and The Times. Regionally the report was picked up by The Scotsman, as well as online by BT, Homecare and Newsweek. Representatives from the Ready for Ageing Alliance were also interviewed on 14 local radio stations, including BBC Radio Manchester, Wales and Bristol. And on Twitter, discussions about the report reached a potential audience of over 483,000.

George Holley-Moore

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