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With our ageing population in the UK, dementia is an increasingly important issue. The number of people caring for someone with the condition is set to grow by a quarter to reach 850,000 by the end of the decade.

With more and more people combining work and caring for older, sick or disabled parents and other loved ones, dementia also doesn’t just affect families and healthcare services. It also impacts on workplaces – and therefore businesses and the economy.

That is why Carers UK and its business forum Employers for Carers are now conducting a ground breaking piece of research to help improve understanding of this topical issue. The research will provide insights into the pressures which can cause people to leave work to care and the key support needs of carers in the workplace. And most importantly, it will also address practical ways in which employers and other parties can help.

Whether you are an employer organisation or an individual who is, or has recently, been combining work with caring for a loved one with dementia, you can play a really helpful part in this research by taking part in our short (10 minute) survey. The surveys can be taken at:


Employees / individuals at:

Thank you for your help, we value your participation in this important new piece of research.

Carers UK

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