Living for Today?

This article was first published in the Yorkshire Post on 28th August 2009.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the first state pension payment. To qualify for the state pension in 1909 you needed to reach 70 to receive up to five shillings a week. Life expectancy was much lower back then and few of the early recipients lived for a long time after receiving their first pension payment.

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Flooding and Older People

An article in The Sunday Times this week exposed the fragility of the UK’s public flood defences with particular regard to the built environment. The Environment Agency predicts one in six properties in England may be at risk, however professional risk consultants pitch it at one in four. Such impending horrors are not an under-reported phenomenon, but how our population will fare however with rising water levels remains largely unanswered.

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Building a Society for all Ages

In the same week the Government launched its Green Paper on Social Care, they have also launched their new Ageing Strategy, “Building a Society for all Ages”.  In the strategy, the Government commits to bring forward the review of the Default Retirement Age to 2010 (making the announcement in the same week that the Court of Appeal hears a legal challenge to the default retirement age). The strategy also sets out a number of new measures including:

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