The Building Blocks of Long-term Care Funding

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How should long-term care be funded? Where is the money to fund long-term care? As we move closer to the forthcoming Green Paper on Social Care, the ILC-UK has today published a new report that seeks to provide a complete overview and introduction to this topic, cataloging, summarising and evaluating every single major model of long-term care funding out there. Although debate often makes this assumption, these models are not mutually exclusive and can be combined in multiple ways. The theme of the paper is therefore: ‘building blocks’. Hopefully this turn of phrase will help to frame discussion of each model.

Perhaps the most interesting chapter in the paper is ‘Chapter 4: The Hybrid Options’, which starts to assemble the building blocks in different ways. A few of the most significant hybrid models are described. However, the ILC-UK is keen for others to suggest their own ideas for how these building blocks can be overlayed. Please do use this blog as a forum to post your ideas and suggestions.
James Lloyd, ILC-UK

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