Unlocking capacity in the community

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Retirees in the UK are fitter and healthier than ever before. However, loneliness, isolation, disengagement and depression continue to stalk the lives of many in retirement. How can we access and use the latent capacity that exists in the retired population to organise local community groups, activities and networks that could help to prevent these conditions and improve quality of life?

We hope that the launch of ‘Unlocking the Community’ by Simon Goodenough provides some inspiration and perspective on these issues. As well as being a great example of what can be achieved by social entrepreneurship, the ‘Healthy Living Community’ that Simon has helped to develop in Devon is a brave attempt to dissolve the walls between those working in the statutory sector and those in the voluntary sector. 

As the UK prepares for the ageing of its population, it is a case-study that provides ideas and important lessons. The ILC-UK is keen to know what others think of the model pioneered in Devon. Could it work elsewhere? What are the risks? What further research is required?

James Lloyd

One thought on “Unlocking capacity in the community

  1. Unlocking the Community is a very timely thinkpiece from the ILC. The reality of the future will mean that we have to be more creative and holistic in the way in which we support older people in our communities.

    This thinkpiece reminds us that older people are citizens who are at the centre of our communities and it sets out a model of mutuality, reciprocity and an understanding of the value and contribution of older people to society.

    This model gives us a fresh way of viewing our communities and unlocks the valuable resources within them.

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