Guest Blog: Kirsty Woodard – The challenges of ageing without children

“I am power of attorney for my mother and this takes time and research to ensure her money is well invested, who will do this for me?”

“Having enough money, that’s the crucial thing. If you don’t have children but have money you can at least pay for someone to look after you but what if you don’t?”

“I don’t have anyone who can act on my behalf, no children, no family, nothing! Tell me who is going to make sure I’m not ripped off?” Continue reading

ILC-UK in the news: April 2015

April has seen the ILC-UK publish two major reports: The Missing Million – Recommendations for Action and The Funeral Time Bomb.

The Missing Million is the third and final publication of a series of reports ILC-UK have produced in collaboration with Business in the Community and Prime, and highlighted the major themes as well as providing recommendations for business and government to help people stay in work longer. Continue reading