Guest blog: Nick Sanderson, Audley Retirement – Older people deserve accommodation that meets their needs and desires

The ILC-UK’s report might come as a surprise to those that don’t know much about the retirement village concept. For those of us that run retirement villages with flexible care provision, it serves primarily to add statistical evidence to what we have long believed to be the case: living in this kind of accommodation has a positive impact on quality of life.

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Guest Blog: Paul Teverson, McCarthy & Stone – The Future of Housing – Will later life continue to be the forgotten part of the housing debate?

This blog is one in a series of blogs on the Future of Ageing, published in the lead up to the ILC-UK Future of Ageing conference on the 24th November. To register to attend this conference, click here.

With homeownership levels among 25-34 year olds dropping from 59% to 35% between 2004 and 2014, the need to build more new homes suitable for our young population is undoubtedly essential.  It’s also good retail politics for the Government given the positive headlines generated by initiatives like Help to Buy.

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Lifelong Learning

The Association of Colleges has this week reported that the Skills Funding Ageing has asked colleges to make further cuts to adult learning. The 3.9% cuts come on top of a 24% hit to budgets and follow long term falls disinvestment in spending on adult learning. Continue reading

Opportunity Knocks

Innovation and technological advance offer enormous opportunities in an ageing society. It is crucial that we seize them – OBR forecasts show that without significant improvements to productivity growth healthcare spending as a percentage of GDP could more than double by 2064. Continue reading

Guest Blog: Kirsty Woodard – The challenges of ageing without children

“I am power of attorney for my mother and this takes time and research to ensure her money is well invested, who will do this for me?”

“Having enough money, that’s the crucial thing. If you don’t have children but have money you can at least pay for someone to look after you but what if you don’t?”

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